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Buying Property Overseas? Need to exchange currency? Want to save money?


Simply Spain continue to work with leading currency exchange broker Currency Matters. Currency Matters specialise in getting the best possible exchange rates for their customers and provide a simple, efficient and professional service. We are delighted our clients are benefiting from this valued service.

"We saved £3,700 by using Currency Matters, not a bank, when sending £84,000 to Spain to buy a villa."
Phil Atherton

Currency Conversion

When you are buying your property abroad you will be required to pay for it in a different currency. This means that you will need to convert your home currency into the other currency and you may need to do this several times during the purchase of your property.

Save Money

Currency Matters will help you convert your funds into whichever currency you require and give you a better exchange rate than you will get from your bank. This saves you money because you will exchange less money for the same amount of foreign currency!

Eliminate Risk

Currency Matters can eliminate the risk you face when buying currencies. The foreign exchange market is a volatile and constantly changing environment and the value of your currency can change on a minute by minute basis.

Buying Forward

This constantly changing environment means that you could get less foreign currency tomorrow than you would today. By using a Forward Contract we can eliminate this uncertainty and make sure there are no nasty surprises a few months down the line when you come to make a payment. Currency Matters can guarantee your exchange rates months in advance, so you can plan and budget with confidence.

Commission Free

Currency Matters does not charge any fees or commissions. Currency Matters will just give you a fantastic exchange rate that will save you money when you are making a payment to an overseas bank account.

How does it Work?

To get all the benefits of dealing with Currency Matters, you will need to open an account. This is a very simple process and has no cost or obligation attached. Our dedicated account manager Matthew Porter and his team are on hand to guide you through the straight forward process.
Once your account is open, you simply contact the Currency Matters dealing team or log in to the Currency Matters online foreign exchange and international payment platform for a live quote. When your currency conversion is agreed you will receive confirmation which notes all the deal details.
You then simply send the agreed amount of currency by bank transfer to a segregated Client Trust Account following the instructions on the deal confirmation.
Currency Matters applies the agreed exchange rate and transfers your purchased currency to whichever bank account(s) you nominate. Funds can be received by the beneficiary the same day!

Contact Currency Matters

Please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated currency account manager for further information:

Matthew Porter
Currency Matters Limited
Glenbourne House
63 Burscough Street
L39 2EL
Telephone: 01695 581 669
Freephone: 0800 458 6736

Email: matthew@currencymatters.co.uk

Areas covered include:
Costa Blanca, Costa Calida, Costa Del Sol, Valencia, Balearics and the Canaries ... just Simply Spain!

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